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For 24 years, with exemplary lift industry experience,  our team of Australian qualified, highly skilled people have been designing, installing and servicing lifts across South Australia.

JPS prides itself in employing outstanding South Australian technicians and specialist business support people to ensure the customer experience exceeds expectations.

Co-founders & Directors

Justin Perkins  |  Co-founder Director

Justin’s honest approach is well regarded.
His dedication and commitment to the lift industry spans 34 years. Focusing on the installation and construction of projects, Justin’s priority is in perfecting the product for the benefit of every unique home or building project.

Peter Chaplin  |  Co-founder

Peter is the original ‘P’ in JPS Lifts and is now enjoying retirement, although you’ll see him around from time to time.

Shaun Leicester  |  Co-founder Director

Shaun has a real eye for detail.
With over 30 years experience in the lift industry, he offers an exceptional depth of technical knowledge. Shaun is passionate about innovation and product development and maintains a strong focus on trust and integrity.

JPS Lift founders Justin, Peter and Shaun


Barry Karklis

Matt Snook

Mitch Standley

Shannon Snook

Sam Allen


Robert Hogg  |  Sales

Jeff Webster  |  Installation

Jake Patfull  |  Commissioning

David Gazzola  |  Service & Finance

Anthony Lennon  |  Service Operations


Nick Patfull |  Commerical

Andrien Brabbins |  Residential

Office Support

Karina Sharp

Kelly Hardie


Adam Coombe

Chad Gossert

Craig McDevitt

David Harper

Noel Neumann

Paul Wainwright

Peter Holoubek

Robert Van Zyl

Steven Donato

Travis Gibson