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making lift design easy


Designing a lift is simple.

Specialised JPS Design Software creates customised lift options to help you choose the perfect lift.

Full customisation means your lift will have the exact finishes you want, the shaft structure will suit the project with utmost precision, door entrances and lift speeds will be exact, lighting will be beautiful and the interior design will be magnificently matched to your home or building project.

How can JPS offer fully customised lifts for an exceptional price?

For over 24 years JPS Lifts have maintained a strong South Australian owned and operated company delivering 100% European lift solutions.  The business relationship JPS Lifts has with their European suppliers is solid, open and trustworthy, hence the JPS buying power is unsurpassed.  For JPS, business is not about volume or numbers, it’s about design, installation and service perfection for the hand picked projects commissioned.


A lift is not only about the ‘quality of the product but also about the ‘quality of the technician’ who install’s it.

This is the JPS difference and it really should matter to you.

Technicians are employees of the company and are Australian qualified.

The JPS construction team of technicians are fully qualified A Class Electricians with apprentices to support them.

All European products are Design Registered in South Australia. This is one difference that especially matters.

JPS has a Building Contractors Licence guaranteeing all lift work complies with Australian rules, codes and laws.

JPS takes pride in having simple systems and processes, working hand-in-hand with clients to ensure every detail is discussed and considered. Clear communication and ethical practices, ensures the best result.

JPS Lifts offers TOTAL peace of mind.