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The ultimate in customised, built-to-order, commercial lift, with a host of benefits over the standard commercial products. Upgrading, installing a new lift or retrofitting into an existing commercial building has never been easier.

Bespoke Commercial

With maximum flexibility and minimal structural impact comes the freedom to incorporate a lift into previously unsuitable commercial buildings or the freedom to truly customise a lift with your distinct corporate personality.

With a shallow lift pit, compact lift shaft, optional 240V single phase power and steel structure, the ULTRA is reducing building costs and revolutionising the industry around Australia.

Key Advantages

  • Factory standard structural skeleton shaft option
  • Extreme energy efficiency, using newly developed low power AC gearless machine and VVVF drive for smooth, quiet operation
  • 240 volt* single phase power, no need to run three phase cable all the way to the lift controller
  • No machine room, standard MRL design
  • 900mm pit depth, maximum
  • Self-supporting steel structure ensures reduced building costs – optional
  • UPS battery automatic rescue when power fails – optional
  • Wide range of high quality finishes including laminate, stainless steel, glass or steel skin-plate
  • Multiple door configurations
  • Available for new and existing buildings
  • Italian designed, engineered & manufactured to Australian and European standards

*Applies to ULTRA630