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Genius 450

Model Genius 450
Capacity 450kg | 6 Persons
Car dimensions 1100x1400mm
Pit Depth 100mm
Headroom 3000mm
Speed 0.3m/s
Maximum Travel 12.0m (up to 4 levels)
Installation Method Factory engineered and manufactured, self supporting steel skeletal structure to take all loads or on-site built masonry shaft by your builder.
Doors Manual swing or Automatic sliding doors and infra-red car entrance protection.
Controls Illuminated braille call buttons, alarm button, stop button, light switch & telephone handset.
Configuration options Single entrance, through entrance and adjacent entrance.

Key Advantages

  • Ultra energy efficiency, low power AC motor
  • VVVF drive for super smooth & quiet operation
  • UPS battery operation with complete functionality when power fails^
  • Non hydraulic, oil free drive system
  • 100mm pit depth
  • 240 volt single phase power
  • Self supporting steel structure, ensures reduced building costs, simple installation
  • Suitable for new & existing homes
  • No crane or removal of roof required for installation
  • No machine room, no large cabinet to hide
  • Wide range of high quality finishes including steel skin-plate, laminate, stainless steel or glass
  • Multiple door and entry configurations
  • Italian designed, engineered & manufactured to Australian standards
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  • Where are your lifts manufactured?
  • The Genius lift is designed and manufactured in Milan, Italy.
  • Who does your installation and service work?
  • JPS employs a comprehensive, professional team of installation mechanics and service technicians.
  • Do I need any engineered structural walls to support the lift?
  • No, JPS use an engineered steel skeletal structure to support all the lift equipment within the shaft space.
  • So the Genius is not a hydraulic lift, what does this mean?
  • The Genius 300 and 450 design is based on the concept of everyday office lifts, using an electric motor, belts and a counterweight. This makes the Genius lift energy efficient, easy to install and gives it a very long life, due to the traditional, yet modern design.
  • When do you normally install the lift?
  • There is no need to leave the roof off to install the lift with a crane, we install each pre-fabricated section, piece by piece. The best time is once the house has reached lock up stage and has safe stair access to all floors.